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Hi. I'm multipassionate.

Design Life

I’m a house coach~ an intuitive interior designer, vision creator, and color enthusiast with a passion to help you create a home that uniquely reflects your authentic self.  The 'coach' part means you are pro-active with me; I'm like your spirit house guide! And I love new builds. The design process doesn't have to be stressful! I can help! 

Gut Health

A couple years ago I achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and started my masters program with hopes of becoming a therapist. But depression hit me hard and I needed a time out. God sent relief for me in the most unexpected way!! I started taking supplements to lose weight and ended up losing my depression!!! MOOD BEGINS IN THE GUT! Probiotics, prebiotics, killing of candida overgrowth, balancing blood sugar levels (everyone needs this, not just diabetics) and lowering inflammation cured my depression! hallelujah! and i'm also losing weight! So, now I am as passionate about the products that saved my life! Who knew depression would lead me to a new passion in life?! let me know if you would like help reclaiming your health!! Link to my products below, but just ask if you need help choosing what to buy. I'm a research geek and love coaching people on their health and how my products can change your life and allow you to feel the way you wish you felt! 


I love to write. I'm working on a lifelong dream of writing a book. I hope someone will read it! In the mean time, I write little snippets of what's on my mind because words are my love language. 


fav things

nothing makes me happier than being with my family, writing, and sitting in front of waves. oh and tacos. Tacos make me happy. And popcorn. And red wine.  Um, not all at once, but I guess that could happen! the what makes me happy things, i mean. 

fav books

Uninvited & It's Not Supposed to Be This Way- both by Lysa Terkeurst, non-fiction, really good for anyone who's been rejected. 

Waking the Dead by John Eldredge- non-fiction, the dead is your heart that needs to come to life. 

The Bible- um, everyone needs this book. 

Letters to the Church by Francis Chan- i had to unlearn church to find my heart, this is a really good book if you are disillusioned with church.

The Undoing of Saint Silvanus by Beth Moore- really good fiction. 

fav viewing

The Greatest Showman- love everything about this movie because I'm a misfit that loves good music. 

Game of Thrones, Ozark, Big Little Lies- i know, no morals, bloody, dark, but i got hooked, don't judge me, joy comes in all kinds of ways. 

Offspring because accents and family drama are a great pairing. For lighthearted, clean drama that makes you want to live in the south go with Hart of Dixie. Regular TV- Blue Bloods, The Village, any medical drama, & Jane the Virgin (LOVE).   

i love talks over coffee (or wine).

 Next Steps... 

Let's talk about your home, your life, your gut...

 and how we can redesign it. 

ReDesigning Life