My approach

I’m a house coach~ an intuitive interior designer, vision creator, and color enthusiast with a passion to help you create a home that uniquely reflects your authentic self.  

My story

Over 20 years ago my design life came about when a friend begged me to sew curtains for her; for some reason she had this vision and belief that it was God’s providence for me to be in homes helping others create beautiful spaces. I sewed those curtains... and the proverbial snowball effect began. 

Another tidbit about me. A couple years ago I achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and started my masters program with hopes of becoming a therapist. But depression hit me hard and I needed a time out. God sent relief for me in the most unexpected way!! I started taking supplements to lose weight and ended up losing my depression!!! MOOD BEGINS IN THE GUT! Probiotics, prebiotics, killing of candida overgrowth, balancing blood sugar levels (everyone needs this, not just diabetics) and lowering inflammation cured my depression! Halleluia! and i'm also losing weight! So, now I am as passionate about the products that saved my life! Who knew depression would lead me to a new passion in life?! let me know if you would like help reclaiming your health!! 

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fav thing in life

nothing makes me happier than being with my family, sitting in front of waves, and helping you find happiness through guthealth! 

fav quote

An interior is the natural projection of the soul.

Coco Chanel

fav client review

Donna completely transformed our 1980's home! She chose the perfect colors of paint to update all of our rooms. She encouraged me to "think outside the box" and try some ideas I never would have imagined. She helped choose flooring, window coverings, furniture, and decor that all turned out beautifully. My husband is still commenting on the transformation! Donna is extremely talented and enthusiastic about her trade and isn't at all intimidating-- which was important to me. She was also respectful of our budget. I can't recommend her any more highly.

i love talks over coffee (or wine).

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